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The Mazda CX-3

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The Mazda CX-3

Making its way to the subcompact SUV segment, Mazda is unveiling the Mazda CX-3. Fun and feisty, this little beast has a can-do attitude, backed by edgy styling following Mazda's KODO design philosophy: Soul of Motion. This is the third and smallest SUV for Mazda, after the midsize three-row CX-9 and the compact two-row CX-5.

Compact Creativity
According to an official statement by Mazda, the new CX-3 "is a vehicle to suit the customer's creative lifestyle in any scene, from innter-city driving to enjoying the great outdoors." The CX-3 will feature a choice between front and all wheel drive powered by a 2.0L gasoline engine. Mazda's signature SKYACTIV engine is both a pleasure to drive and eco-friendly, with a standard 6-speed automatic transmission. Built for the future, the electric steering and suspension have been thoroughly revised and guaranteed by Mazda as fun to drive.

An open chrome grille and LED headlights adorn the very front of the exterior body. Dynamic curves lead up to the hood of the SUV, while a defined edge accentuates the overall shape leading many to herald it the most appealing crossover currently on the market. The Mazda Cx-3 boldly takes the road with a hunkered stance and angular sloping roofline, on its way to newly defined brilliance.

Climbing into the cabin of the CX-3, several design themes are borrowed from the all-new MX-5 Miata. An uncluttered cabin style is welcoming with enough cargo space and legroom for comfortable trips both in and out of town.

Though smaller (perhaps the smallest yet) in size, the CX-3 will not fall short of its rivals in the subcompact crossover category. The CX-3 is slightly wider than the supermini, has more headroom than a Mazda 3, and is very similar in features to the Mazda CX-5. Based upon the same wheelbase as the Mazda 2, the CX-3 stretches about 8.5 inches further than the 2,   and about 16 inches shorter than a Mazda 3. Totaling 69.5″ wide, 61″ high and 168.3″ in length, there is more to this compact than meets the eye. Technological features available in most models include: bluetooth, smart phone connectivity, a seven inch dashboard informational screen, and blind spot monitoring. 

As if that isn't enough, the CX-3 will also come equipped with Mazda's i-Activsense. Activsense is a unique safety feature that includes elements such as: active headlights (which sync the headlights to follow the direction of the steering wheel), high-beam assistance (which automatically dips the headlights when oncoming traffic is detected), lane-departure warning, and front and rear parking sensors. 

Mazda has well-founded high-hopes for its first ever CX-3 crossover. Though many may consider it pint sized, the compact is full of conviction, creativity, and courage, providing more bang for your buck with this crisp new vehicle. The New York Daily News even goes so far to predict: "Mazda will sell a ton of CX-3s on the strength of the styling alone."