Continuous Progress is the Name of the Game at Mazda

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For the expert engineers at Mazda, their greatest competition is not necessarily other automakers. Are they constantly challenging other brands and companies to step up their game? Absolutely! But above all else, the people they love to push the most is none other than—themselves. And the most prized example of their meticulous work is found under the hood with the SKYACTIV-G 2.5-liter engine, which can be found in the 2017 CX-5 Crossover SUV. Mazda went to work in order to make this engine more reactive, dynamic, elegant, and even more dominant than it already was.


“We’re obsessed with continually increasing fuel economy and also increasing the core Mazda value of Hashiru Yorokobi, or driving pleasure,” said Jay Chen, Mazda powertrain engineer. “The 2.5-liter SKYACTIV-G engine is the one we use the most here in the United States. This is our bread-and-butter engine, so we want to give it the best efficiency.”


People always say, don’t fix what isn’t broken. But for the Mazda engineers, it’s not about fixing things—it’s about taking something good and making it even better. So when it comes to improving the Mazda engines, they start with the quality products they have and find ways to improve from there—and the only way to do that is to look at some of the smallest details.

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Starting at the top, Mazda engineers have implemented a new oil control ring located on top of the pistons. Because of its asymmetrical shape, this ring decreases resistance while the piston is in motion to provide a better performance. Also changing form is the top of the piston. The new innovative stepped-shape style helps to get rid of engine knock and improves how precisely the fuel combusts while in the engine. To finish it off, Mazda engineers redeveloped the lower skirt of the pistons to make a quieter engine with less internal friction.


For these determined engineers, it all comes down to being proactive rather than reactive, which is represented in their SKYACTIV-DRIVE automatic transmission featured in the new CX-5 and present in the whole Mazda production line.


According to Chen, Mazda likes to look to the future in order to see what the driver will need and be the company that finds a way to give it to them. By using predictive technology, Mazda can look more into a driver’s intentions to help understand how the engines can be better suited. For example, if the vehicle can register that a driver is accelerating onto the highway through an on-ramp, then it’s better to hold down the gear until merging with traffic. Having this knowledge allows the engineers to discover what engine will allow drivers to make those transitions with ease, while still retaining power.


It’s no secret, sweating the small stuff is just one of the ways that Mazda has continued to keep their name among the top fuel-efficient automakers in the United Stated for the last several years. 

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