Throughout the years, Mazda has been coming up with more and more safety features for its child passengers. Just like the ISOFIX compliant child seat attachment point which is designed to make it easier to install a child seat securely. There’s also the top tether anchorage and pivot link structure which are meant to lessen the impact and the intensity that might throw a child forward in the event of an accident.

A group of experienced automakers have conferred and are committed to ensuring that every car in the US has an efficient rear car safety reminder installed by the year 2025.

Now Mazda has joined this effort to ensure child safety in its vehicles and to raise public awareness of the dangers of leaving children unattended inside a vehicle—especially a hot one. By adding a rear car seat reminder feature that is geared towards preventing children from being accidentally left behind in cars, Mazda has committed to helping the cause. The plan is to create both audible and visual reminders for the driver once the vehicle is turned off.

Mazda president Jeff Guyton said: “Sadly, each year, we see children die from heatstroke suffered when left unattended in the back seat of passenger vehicles.” The commitment by Mazda and the entire automotive industry to install rear seat reminder safety systems underscores how such innovations will help parents and caretakers keep their children safe.”

An expert who studied the causes of tragedies such as these has mentioned that the daily stresses that parents have to deal with have become one of the most common reasons children are forgotten in cars. It is “not a negligence issue but more of a memory problem," according to David Diamond, PhD, who is a professor of psychology at the University of South Florida.

This is why Mazda is committed to coming up with several approaches and mechanisms that will alert vehicle drivers to double-check the rear seat. This is Mazda’s commitment to a safer ride in the hopes of preventing these tragic losses. 

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