The Body Shop Manger is responsible for managing an efficient and profitable department.  Primary objectives include ensuring customer satisfaction and retention, assuring vehicles are fixed the first visit, controlling costs, merchandising, dispatching body work, creating estimates and maintaining good employee relationships.


The Body Shop Manager is accountable for performing the duties and responsibilities described below.  The list, however, is not necessarily an exhaustive description of the duties and responsibilities associated with the job.  The Body Shop Manager also performs other duties and responsibilities as needed.

Managing Business Complexity

Manages and analyzes departmental financial data.

Forecasts and establishes goals and objectives for the Body Shop Department.

Makes and implements decisions to accomplish goals and meet deadlines.

Organizes and understands all information pertaining to the department to ensure an efficient and profitable department.

Utilizes all available information to ensure proper resolution of problems.

Develops and implements a marketing plan to promote new and repeat business.

Utilizing Fundamental Skills

Applies information found in technical publications, periodicals, bulletins, etc.

Uses computer systems to operate the Body Shop Department.

Completes daily sales and production records required by the dealership.

Understands and uses new systems or processes implemented the dealership.

Maintains reporting systems required by general management.

Ensures that the department understands and complies with federal, state, and local regulations, such as safety requirements, hazardous waste disposal, OSHA, Right-to-Know, etc.

Establishes and maintains good working relationships with customers to encourage repeat and referral business.

Establishes and maintains good working relationships with insurance adjusters.

Ensures that customer complaints are handled tactfully, promptly, with genuine concern, and according to dealership's guidelines.

Ensures that the work areas and customer waiting area are kept clean.

Ensures every Body Shop employee shows common courtesy and professionalism to all customers.

Takes the initiative to exceed customer satisfaction, even if it requires overcoming obstacles.

Departs from traditional ways of doing things to ensure customer satisfaction while complying with company policies.

Ensures the quality, safety and promptness of all repairs by monitoring progress and completion of vehicles in the shop.

Conducts periodic inspections of completed jobs for safety, thoroughness and quality.

Coaching and Leadership

Creates a positive environment by recruiting, hiring, training, coaching, evaluating, motivating and rewarding employees.

Monitors the development of all department employees to enhance service-related skills.

Provides honest, specific and prompt feedback.

Communicates departmental and individual goals and objectives to ensure understanding of job expectations and requirements.

Directs and schedules the activities of all department employees.

Presents self as a positive role model by demonstrating commitment to the department staff, customer, dealership and company.

Involves employees in the decision-making process to allow employees to be active participants in the department.

Delegates work as needed to ensure customer satisfaction while developing employee skills.

Ensures employees attend training programs to gain the necessary skills and certifications.

Communicating With and Valuing Others

Strives for harmony and teamwork within the department and other departments.

Communicates verbally and non-verbally clearly, concisely and with enthusiasm in one-on-one and group interactions.

Listens actively to understand others completely.

Conducts weekly meetings with employees to discuss issues, concerns and departmental goals.

Managing Demanding Situations

Resolves all disputes and difficulties with professionalism and composure.

Performs multiple tasks simultaneously in order to meet and exceed deadlines and expectations.

Modifies and makes the necessary changes to policies and procedures in order to adapt to changes.

Applying Business and Technical Knowledge

Prepares and negotiates repair estimates.

Provides technical advice and information to others as needed.

Maintains current industry information available for Body Shop Department.

Keeps up-to-date on all industry information.

Uses all available information to develop and implement innovative and efficient business procedures and policies.


Two years experience in an auto body shop facility required; more than five years preferred

One year of supervisory experience


The physical and work demands listed below are representative of the demands on the job required to perform the primary duties and responsibilities successfully.  Reasonable accommodations may be provided to enable the Body Shop Manager to perform the primary duties and responsibilities.


Walking about the Body Shop and Service Department

Bending, lifting, stretching, crawling, reaching and climbing

Using physical and manual dexterity

Driving a vehicle

Using computers to look up and enter data

Using equipment consistent with industry standards




Fumes (e.g., exhaust fumes and paint)


Extreme heat and/or cold

Other hazardous and non-hazardous materials