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Earlier this year, much of the southern and central United States was hit by historic flooding. Lasting for more than a week between late July and early August, states including Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, and Mississippi were hit with more than 10 inches of rain in short periods. This downpour proved deadly, as more than 40 lives were taken as a result of the flooding. Kentucky, in particular, was hit especially hard, with 38 deaths occurring there alone. 


In response to this, Mazda of America released a statement assuring all customers of Mazda Financial Services that the company would do all it could to ensure that they could get on their feet after this historic disaster with the help of Mazda. In particular, this includes payment relief options open to any users of Mazda Financial Services in the affected disaster areas. For impacted customers with financing plans or leases, Mazda offers payment relief options including extensions and lease deferred payments; redirecting billing statements; and arranging phone or online payments. If you need to reach Mazda Financial Services, they can be reached at 866-693-2332. 

Other manufacturers have also been doing their part to help in the light of this tragedy. For example, Ford has donated their trucks to teams that worked to get power back on in flooded areas of Kentucky. Ford's electric truck, the F-150 Lightning, has been especially crucial in these aid efforts, as it can power the tools and equipment of rescue teams from its own battery. Through this, Team Rubicon, a group of veterans and first responders that aid in disaster scenarios, can get 10-15 families in their homes per truck, per day. In light of such tragedies, it is uplifting to see members of our community support each other through giving. We should look to all companies to be as giving and responsive as Ford and Mazda have in past months. 

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